November 5


Convince Your Mind

By Island Bodies

November 5, 2020

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Running Fitspiration

Running is my number one love/hate exercise.
I either think I'm about to pass out, or I am SO bored from running that I'll come up with any excuse to quit!

I know from previous experiences that my body can run for over an hour, pretty fast if I want it too ... It's my mind that prevents it from doing so!

The last couple of weeks I have found distraction to be the KEY to overcoming these mental blocks. I tried motivating myself ... I really was my own cheer squad at one stage, but nothing convinced me that I liked running one tiny little bit.

Whether it's podcasts, interval timers, an incredible playlist or jumping on the treadmill when your favourite show is on ... Forget that your mind thinks you're dying and you'll find yourself running further every time!
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Not long after this post Alycia ran the New York Marathon to raise funds for White Ribbon Australia,
she finished the 42km run in a respectable 4 Hrs 37 Minutes 22 Seconds.

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