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By Island Bodies

November 2, 2020

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It is so important to have goals that help to keep you consistent and accountable.

The best goals are SMART
Relevant/Realistic and

There are plenty of articles about this online but today look at your goals.

Instead of saying 'I want to lose weight, put on muscle and look like a fitness model' Think about what you have to do to get there, set yourself an overall goal and then many smaller ones.

Overall Goal - To reduce my body fat percentage by 5% by the 31st of December.

GREAT, now how are you going to get there?

  • To complete at least 45 minutes of weight training or HIIT 6 days this week.
  • Prepare and plan my food intake to bring to work every day this week.
  • Swap my morning or afternoon snack for a protein shake to keep my metabolism firing and increase my overall protein intake every day this week.

You can mark these goals off on a calendar and you have something that will keep you focused. You can't half-heartedly do these goals, it's either 'Yes I achieved it' or 'No I Failed', let's try again next week.

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